Thursday, December 4, 2008

About age

A man asks a question to B:

A: “There are two women. One is 28 but looks 35. The other is 35, but looks 28. Which would you choose?”
B: “Hmm…. That’s a difficult question.”
A: “So I see, that’s a difficult question to you?”
B: “What’s the answer?”
A: “Whichever woman you choose, age is unimportant. What important are your feelings. That’s the answer.”


  1. he..he.. umur, mungkin kaitanya ke biologis juga ya, tapi terkadang ada juga yg masih muda tapi secara biologis sudah renta, dan sebaliknya

    hem.. feeling, tapi gimana dong kalo di tengah jalan tiba-tiba il-feel?, something inside has died gitu kalo kata Carole King

    btw salam kenal yak :)

  2. hihii..thanks atas komen nya yak!

  3. umur makin hari makin berkurang ya...


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