Monday, November 10, 2008

The Power of J

I just realize that the name of many singers that I like the most is start with J
Name it: Jason Mraz, James Morrison, John Legend & John Mayer
They can sing well, a song writer, original voice, and they can play piano or guitar
It amazes me, they really got talented and I like them a lot

Just see Jason Mraz, after I’m Yours that really big hit in world, check his latest single from his new album We sings, we dance, we still things, the title is Lucky and collaborate with great singer too, Colbie Caillat. The song is really great, I always listening to that song before I go to sleep, bisa menenangkan deh lagunya

Then listen to James Morrison, I know him years ago when he sang “You give me something”. This year he release new album, new single is Make it real. And I still love his voice, really original. You just hear the song and will recognize his voice. Oh and he collaborate with Jason Mraz too on Jason’s new album called Details in the fabric. Great duet, awesome!

John Legend, I don’t have to explain everything for him. Such a great voice, many songs he wrote is really something. I love his song called Someday, original soundtrack for August Rush (I like the movie a lot) and he collaborates with many singers too like Kanye West and Estelle

Last but not least is John Mayer. Your Body Is Wonderland song is really my first love to him hehe…like the rest, all of their lyrics is great. Just look at Waiting on the World to Change lyric, dalem bangettt…
Maybe lot of singers have a great talent too for J name, but I just love this 4 musketeers: D


  1. hohohoho...PETROMAXX...

    iseng jalan2 ke sini teh...ternyata suka juga sama Jason Mraz? :xPaling suka lagu yang lucky i'm in love saia hohoho :))

  2. hohoho...akhirnya masuk top 10 commenters teh...;;)

  3. waaaahhh ada si dudutz neh...keyeeennn udah ke mari....hidup jason...hhheheheh

  4. aduh 2 org spammer ini ternyata bekujung ke postingan lama jg ampuunn....


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