Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dal Ja's spring - KDrama

DJ: How can you tell if it’s love or not?
Just because your heart races, doesn’t mean it’s love.
Just because you miss the person, doesn’t mean it’s love.
There isn’t a person who draws a line and says “this is where love starts”.
How can you tell if it’s love or not?

SY: Because of that person, does your heart unbearably happy?
Because of that person, does your heart hurt and limp?
Because of that person do you feel so alone?
If yes, then it has already started.

Watch this cute, lovable, funny, heartwarming Dal Ja’s Spring series.
Dal ja is a 33 years old woman. She has been working on Handa Homeshopping Department for 8 years. Until that age, she can’t find her trully soulmate yet. First, she has a boyfriend but he’s a playboy (Shin Sae-do). And then, she has another one, the marriage man (Eom Ki-joong). In accidentally, she meet one person (Kang Tae-bong- he’s cute as always hehe) who has a job that can be a counterfeit lover. And then the love story begins with Dal Ja and Tae Bong.

Storyline is pretty good and what i love are the cleverly done parodies of movies/films like Kill Bill, Jewel in the Palace, Pretty Woman etc or Candy comics which are artfully interwined into the series whenever Dal Ja is imagining or fantasizing..very creative way of portraying humour! The comic illustrations a la french sketches at the beginning and end of every episode are very cute as well!

“There was nothing like an end, or conclusion. And so, there was no ‘happily ever after’ either. There was only, ‘Every day, we start today together again’….”

And Tae Bong’s revised postcard says: “If it’s fate… It must be!!”

my head still upside down coz I finished this series (22 eps) only 2 days!!

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